Easy easy general knowledge quiz

That's George Clooney, he's very famous. Even if you don't know his movies, you might know him from his philanthropic work. That's Darth Vader, he's kind of a big deal. This is one of the most widely taught math equations, and it's pretty basic geometry. Everest is like, kinda famous for being really high up there. People try to climb it all the time. You know this. If you're putting whiskey in your margaritas you're either doing something very wrong, or very right.

It's the strawberry flavor, and it's usually people's favorite. The patella is your kneecap, the radius is an arm bone, and the spleen is an organ. Even if you aren't American, you probably know this one. He was a big-time general, leading the Colonies against the English during the American Revolution, before he became the first US president. Considering they're one of the world's major superpowers and they've been in the news quite a bit lately, you should get to know this flag.

easy easy general knowledge quiz

George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Barack Obama. Shia LaBeouf.

easy easy general knowledge quiz

John Wick. Star Wars. High School Musical. Star Trek. The Pythagorean Theorem. The Planck Theorem. The Keanu Theorem. Mount Everest. Mount Kilimanjaro. Nanga Parbat. Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. Ronald Reagan. James K. Teilen Facebook. Newsletter signup form Your email address Sign up.Two multiplied by two equals four, and two is one of the most important numbers in the world.

It determines whether a number is even or odd, and it can halve or double any number. It symbolizes partnership, opposition, balance and conflict all in one. The Beatles took the world by storm in the s and were also known as the Fab Four. Bythe group had dismantled and in Lennon was killed by a crazed fan. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in Today it is considered one of the big four tech companies along with Google, Apple and Amazon.

The network has billions of users worldwide and is one of the most popular destinations on the web. Ciao can be used to say both hello or goodbye in Italian, making it similar to other greetings around the world, and it's well known all over. Dozens of languages use variants of the word like "chao," "chaw," "ciau," "tsao" or "tchau" to say hello or goodbye.

It is unknown who exactly named America America, but common theory says it was named after explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who arrived at the Americas after Christopher Columbus and Leif Erikson, but was credited with the discovery. The first maps labeled the New World as America and the name stuck. A quarter dollar is worth 25 cents and four of them equals one dollar. The coin was first minted in and the George Washington quarter has been the regular issue quarter since The pope is the leader of the Catholic Church and the head of Vatican City, which is the city-state where he resides.

easy easy general knowledge quiz

His official residence is the Sistine Chapel, and although Vatican City has close to 1, residents, it doesn't have a commercial housing market. The Star Wars films make up one of the largest movie franchises in the history of cinema, and creator George Lucas originally thought it would flop.

He was so worried that instead of going to the premiere he went on vacation with Steven Spielberg and began brainstorming a new film franchise, Indiana Jones.

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The Apple iPhone was released in and it revolutionized the smartphone universe. Chromosomes are responsible for carrying gene instructions, and the human body has 23 pairs to equal a total of 46 individual chromosomes.GK is essential for everyone; at least the basic level is a must. But it's not a cup of tea for many. Well, we have got you this quiz so, find out just how smart or dumb!

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Do you know as much as everyone else does? Forgot your password? Speak now. Test Your Basic General Knowledge! Please take the quiz to rate it. All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Play as Quiz Flashcard.

Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel. More General Knowledge Quizzes. The Hardest Quiz Ever! Are You Ready? Think You Know Our World? Try This Quiz! Featured Quizzes. Are You Really Best Friends? The Office Trivia Quiz! Related Topics.

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions

Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. What is the color of blood when it's inside your body?

General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the fastest bird in the world? What letter is not present anywhere on the periodic table of elements? What is something the ancient Romans used as mouthwash? Back to top. Sign In with your ProProfs account. Not registered yet? Sign Up. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice.

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The quiz is paused. You have remaining. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats I'm not sure the Star Wars one is as "easy" as the others.

I had to guess a few before I got it. I guess there are lots of Star Wars fans out there :. One of the most successful and referenced films of all time. Most recent reference I can recall is from Captain America: Civil War where they were surprised Peter didn't know the name of the film.

Some are only easy if you are of a certain demographic. I missed both the Star Wars and Bugs Bunny ones. Well, people in non-English speaking countries may know the these in a translated form, but not in the original one. And, although I did know the answer, it is far from common knowledge here, although its translated form is well known. Im not a star wars fan so this wasnt easy for me.

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I tried star wars 2 at first, then just guessed sub titles for the films i could remember and got it eventually. Star Wars 2 is a logical guess on Earth but in a galaxy far, far away the cardinal numbers apparently go 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7, 3. Well none of those things pertained to me either so I guess there is no reason I should've known it? None pertain to me, but I have read the Bible to come to a religious or non religious decision so I suppose I know.

Moses is not Christian. The 10 Commandments is in the old testement, which has rules for: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The New testement is for Christianity. It is also an easy answer if you are good at history. Maybe if you're from China or Japan you might not have heard of Moses.

And even those in China and Japan almost certainly have moved if they're able to use Jetpunk. Im an atheist and I got it right its easy question. Not Jewish, not Muslim, don't watch religious shows, and don't read Abrahamic religious books. They don't even have to be religious books or shows.Trivia QQ. Basic information has an important matter to get an excessive rating in any examination. Nearly one fourth a part of the whole paper consists of those GK Questions in all aggressive exams.

This matter is ignored by the candidates as a result of memorizing the Basic Information Questions and Solutions is just not a simple process. Howevereven then, the candidates must hold making an attempt time and again solely then they are often remembered. This easy general knowledge questions and answers was uploaded by the person they usually confirmed that they have got the permission to share it.

Basic information A number of selection questions. Recognizing the pretension methods to get these easy general knowledge questions and answers is moreover helpful.

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Here are latest and easy general knowledge questions and answers for the learners. When you take them seriously, these easy general knowledge questions and answers will be easy, otherwise not. What is the fear of bacteria called? What is Africa's largest country?

A large distinguishable part of a continent, such as North America or the part of Asia containing India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh is called. The first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in to. Theodor Mommsen and Svante Arrhenius. Hermann Emil Fischer and Ronald Ross. Lord Rayleigh and William Ramsay.

How many subcontinent are there in earth? What is the largest city in the world? New York. The smallest city in the world is situated in. South America. What is the least populated city in the world? Vatican City. Which is the hardest metal in the world? Mount Etna is a famous volcano which is located? What is not a metal? Which of the following civilization flourished in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile? Indus Valley. Which of the following is the capital of Albania? Andorra la Vella.

Mesopotamian civilization flourished in current. Italy, Sicily, North Africa.Challenge the Brain provide the best range of fun General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers readymade for a perfect bar or pub quiz night. With printable simple, hard and interesting quizzes suitable for the whole family, our free selection of online trivia questions are readymade for you to enjoy and even come with a separate answers list!

Simply select from the general knowledge quiz games below to test your family and friends with our free Questions and Answers General Knowledge Quiz Rounds. Questions and Answers General Knowledge Quiz Our General Knowledge quizzes provide you with the best printable bar or pub quiz night and include general knowledge questions and answers which are interesting, fun and suitable family members including kids, teens and adults. We select only the best general knowledge questions based on the most fun trivia topics such as Movies, Pop Music, Geography, Sport, Science, Holiday Trivia, Christmas, Thanksgiving, History, and Television to make your bar or pub quiz night a success!

Our readymade general knowledge quizzes can be printed for free and used to entertain your friends and family! Challenge the Brain is constantly updating their quiz website to bring you the latest and best General Knowledge Questions and Answers:.

Our selection of questions and answers are also suitable for kids and schools, and provide a free educational resource. Free printable General Knowledge questions and answers Our readymade and printable GK questions with answers provide the best bar or pub quiz night with funny questions such as: What are the 4 suits in a deck of cards?

What is the biggest land mammal in the Arctic? Which ocean separates Africa and South America?

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How many consonants are there in the English Alphabet? What do the stripes of the US flag represent? Quiz night has never been so much fun, so form your teams together, pick an excellent team name, print out our fun general knowledge quiz questions and answers games and hand them to your team captains! Online pub general knowledge questions, games, q and a. Quiz Questions Index. General Trivia General Trivia Answers. General Knowledge Quiz Answers. General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers.

Ready made questions and answers, printable gk bar and pub quizzes Bar and Pub Trivia with general knowledge questions and answers General Knowledge Quizzes with printable answers for free Hard, Easy questions and answers to print out for quiz night Online pub general knowledge questions, games, q and a.

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